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Elect trusted leadership to connect with citizens and set priorities.
















The Mayor and Council answer to the citizens of Moline​. 

We need regular conversations with our elected leaders.













No leader can make decisions for a community without consulting the broad spectrum of individuals that live in that community.  For too long decisions have been made by a handful of community representatives without outreach to the larger community.  It is time for a change in how we gather resident input and respond to it. 

Sangeetha will:

  • Increase citizen engagement by implementing opportunities like the Community Conversations series she initiated as school board president.  She is committed to regular Listening Posts, open houses for residents to converse, at minimum.

  • Bring her experience in hiring and reviewing top-quality candidates for key positions to city hiring processes. Her most recent accomplishment is the hiring of superintendent Dr. Rachel Savage, a superb leader of the Moline-Coal Valley School District. 

  • Bring skill in negotiations to help guide relationships with our bargaining units.  

Repairing our relationships with staff and the community is the only way to repair our reputation as a government unit.


Organizational chart from pg. 24 of the 2020 City of Moline Budget.


Sangeetha leads a QC Big Table discussion in 2018

LULAC Floreciente Clean Up, August 2020

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